Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creature Jams Redux and Steampunk

Top: Brad/ Middle: Shane/ Bottom: Dusty/ Inks: Seth

During April's sketch night, we tried a new type of creature jam. This involved folding the paper into three sections. One artist did the head/shoulders, and passed it on to the next who did the arms and body, and then on to the last artist, who did the legs. The trick was that by folding the paper, you had no way of seeing what the other artists had already drawn. Once they were all done, we unfolded them and got a tremendous laugh out of how crazy they were (and yet they made some sort of twisted sense).
Top: Randy/ Middle: Dusty/ Bottom: Shane/ Inks: Seth

Top: Shane/ Middle: Randy/ Bottom: Brad

During last month's meeting, we decided to do steampunk versions of established characters. Here's my take on Hobgoblin:

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