Monday, December 29, 2008

Did we meet?

Clearly I wasn't at Seth's house on the 27th, so I was just wondering if anyone else was? If not are we going to try it again soon or wait until next month?

Monday, December 1, 2008

The few, the mighty...

Pencils by Seth, inks by Matt:

Pencils by Matt, inks by Seth:

Well, there were only three of us at the last sketch night. Matt suggested that we draw some fantasy creatures, so I drew the most powerful mythical being of all... the Jackelope.

But the low turnout actually worked out, because it gave Elton and I time to help Matt scan in the last images for his new (and first!) comic... Decaying Death. I just finished editing it tonight, so it is completely done. We'll post some more details soon, but in the meantime here's a preview image...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


ZOMBIE MATT, pencilled/inked by Seth:

Well there were only four of us at the sketch night last Saturday, but we had fun anyway. Since it was the day after Halloween, we sketched each other as zombies. Let me tell you, inking over zombified version of your face is an odd experience. Here are the disturbing results.

ZOMBIE SETH, pencilled by Dusty, inked by Seth:

ZOMBIE DUSTY, pencilled/inked by Matt:

Remember, you can always find the next meeting info at the top right of this page.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Monster Jams

Here are a bunch of drawings from our last meeting (way back in August). We kicked out a bunch of monster jams and had a blast. The variety is pretty crazy.
I won't list who worked on each one, as that would take forever, but Amber Stone, Randy Rustin, Brad Shipp, Dusty Roberts, Matt Meyers, and I all contributed something to at least some of these...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The next meeting...

As you can see in the upper right hand corner of this blog, the next one will be Saturday, November 1 at 8:00pm at my house. The next meeting will always be posted up there, so check this page to keep updated. It will usually be around the last Saturday of the month. (Sorry for flaking out on everyone last month...) We'll keep meeting at my place for now, but if we start to get much bigger we'll need to think of somewhere else.

Since it will be near Halloween, I've got a really fun challenge in mind for us the next meeting. Let's just say it involves zombies, with a twist...

What has come before...

Here are the things that I've scanned in already from the first few sketch nights. Figured they should be posted here, as well as the Three Trees blog...

This first one came out of a new drawing challenge that Dusty and I came up with. Basically, one guy draws the basic form and layout of a creature, and then we pass it back and forth, taking turns drawing limbs, heads, and details. Then one guy inks it to sort of tie it all together. We call it a Monster Jam (or Monster Jelly, as Dusty prefers). It's amazingly fun, and the creatures look a lot more cohesive than I thought they would. This dragon was initially roughed-out by Dusty. I drew the head, an arm, and the tail; Dusty drew an arm, leg, and lots of body details. I had a blast inking it... I'm a big fan of drawing wrinkles and cracks, so I really savored this one. We both agree it's the best dragon either one of us have ever made.

The other creature we made is a little more original... the Aqua Yeti. I did the rough plan, the claw, and legs, while Dusty did the head, tentacle arm, and body. He inked it and really went nuts on the details, as usual.

This Phoenix drawing is by Randy Rustin, who is a drawing MACHINE... cranks 'em out like no one's business. This was one he did for my wife, Laura (Phoenix is her favorite character):

This one is a portrait of our dog, Zoe, by the super-talented Amber Stone:

This is one of the guys from Evil Ain't Easy, pencilled by me and inked by Matt:

And the Rebuker, of course, pencilled by me and inked by Brad Shipp (check out his deviantART page here... amazing!)

This one was penciled by Randy and painted/inked by Amber, I believe:

This one was penciled by Matt and inked by me. It is the main character from Matt's upcoming book. This was fun to ink, because Matt and I share a love of bold lines.

The zombie was penciled by me and painted/inked by Randy. It turned out like a zombified Rebuker (accidentally, I think).

The rest of these were penciled by Randy and inked by me. Randy puts us all to shame on these sketch nights. While the rest of us finish a half-dozen drawings or so, Randy ends up with a inch-thick PILE of drawings by the end of the night! His pencils are extremely loose and fun to ink over with brush pens.