Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Monster Jams

We revisited the Monster Jam challenge last week. It was interesting because Clayton Milliman and Darian Holtsman were not here last time, so they definitely added a new flavor to these twisted creations...

(Body parts are labeled from character's perspective)

DARIAN: Layout, guitar, speakers | SETH: Head, body, right leg, inks
CLAYTON: Arms, left leg
SETH: Layout, right arm, feet | MATT: Head, left arm
CLAYTON: Club, ear, body | DARIAN: Bloomers, inks

SETH: Layout, right arm, first two tentacles, inks | MATT: Torso, last two tentacles
DARIAN: Left arm, neck, third tentacle | CLAYTON: Head, 4th tentacle, left hand

DARIAN: Layout, background, left arm | MATT: Right leg
SETH: Head, Left leg, right arm, tail, inks | CLAYTON: back

These last two were actually mostly drawn back at our August 2008 meeting. I finished up the inks finally...

DUSTY: Layout | SETH: Right arm, head, inks
MATT: Toenails, background, cow

MATT: Layout, arms, legs | SETH: Head, inks
AMBER: background, tentacles, claws

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sketchin' + pastries = awesome.

Sketch night at Panera went well. There were five of us there, including one new guy. Not a lot to show you besides this sketch I did of Randy. It was nice to have unlimited coffee and great pastries (for free!).

Next Sketch Night is this Saturday! (Usual place.)