Thursday, July 23, 2009

You look like a Dick Tracy villain.

Our challenge this last week was to make up our own Dick Tracy villains. His rogues gallery was always known for crazy facial features, so we tried to create some weirdos that would fit that style. It was fun to just focus on faces for once.

By Clayton Milliman:

By Brad Shipp:

By Seth Wolfshorndl:

Monster jam leftovers

A couple more of our monster jams that I just finished inking...

DARIAN: Right arm | SETH: Big head, torso, inks
CLAYTON: Layout, legs, left arm, small head, chest | MATT: Tree, glove

DARIAN: Left arm, chicken | SETH: Head, mouth arm, top right arm, eyes, inks
CLAYTON: Layout, tail, top arm, top left arm, nose | MATT: Right arm

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Name Brand Weirdos

For this sketch night, we redesigned famous name brand characters. It was fun thinking about how many are out there... and trying to remember them all. McDonalds and breakfast cereals seem to have the most colorful characters.

There should be more posted on here eventually from Darian and Dusty.

By Seth (with much input from Dusty):


By Randy:


By Seth: